We are able to produce in Italy and China and ship toward any worldwide destinations: a capillar coverage which results in faster delivering and great budget optimization.

Via Aspromonte, 45

20900 Monza - MB


Add: Room 207,
Bulding G, Dobe

E-Manor, No. 602 Pengjiang Road,

Zhabei District Shanghai PC. 20072


Building 34-01

38th Avenue

Queens, NY 11101

New York

The Factories

Theideasactory is a brand who likes to show-off!
Both our factories in Monza, Italy and Shanghai, China mirror our approach to our work;
our client and designers find themselves immersed in a most creative and stimulating environment.
A must-do when your final products are “ideas”! We have a huge material showroom, a museum with the best of our production, test windows and real-size test shop.
Not bad for a factory, is it?

Materials Showroom

The Materials Showroom® boasts one of the largest private collections of materials
in a privately owned company.
This is where sample-boarding takes place, for our designer to fully express their concepts,
and for our clients to see and touch the real thing.
Even before it’s physically made!

Test Window & Real Size Shop

Both our factories features a real-size shop-window and a large quality-test area:
to check the final effect, under realistic reliable lighting.
Nothing is left to chance!
Our Shanghai headquarters even hosts an entire shop mock-up,
where both our designers,
Visual Merchandisers and Theidesfactories School students,
can try out different fittings and explore new solutions.


Our Museum is way more than an exhibition: it’s a place where to learn by seeing and touching.
Inside it, the best of our know-how is explained step-by-step to clients and designers.
Along with real size mockups, visitors can visualize what’s behind: thanks to prototypes, molds, production samples and photographs.